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di·gres·sion n. wandering from the main path of a journey

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[Fri/Jun/2007 at 12:00am]

[07/03/05] i'm going to add everyone who adds me as a friend but i'm not going to have more than 50 friends. so each time that list reaches 50, i'll do a friends cut. my decisions are final but please note that if you never comment on my livejournal and never update your livejournal, you're at more of a risk to be cut .. mmk.

add me.
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[Thu/Nov/2005 at 2:17am]
it was fun while it lasted. it's over. this journal has too many of my past lives in it. maybe one day i'll make a new livejournal but for now, no more. i've become pretty active with flickr so feel free to add me over there. and you know you can always find me on facebook.

so long.
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[Tue/Sep/2005 at 4:15pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

please please please help me [and yourself] get an ipod nano by clicking here. i'll even up the anti [antee?], anyone who does it will get a free personalized icon from me of their choice.

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friends cut bitches. [Sun/Aug/2005 at 1:48pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

i've been really leniant. but i said from the beginning i don't want over 50 friends so it was time to do a cut. please delete me immediately.

bcp_07 better_than_bad city_love hitdapunk home_style kimbo_bimbo kitty_von_strap la_aura lipstik_letdown* notwerby suji410 velvetnclover* xtiffanytwisted

* i still have your other username added

don't beg, it's really annoying.


[Fri/Jun/2005 at 3:19am]
attention: have no fear. the reason you can't read my entries is because i deleted all of my friends. you can re-add me and i will decide whether or not to add you back. also, my username has changed to digression.

so yeah, don't freak out if you can't read my journal, just re-add it and wait it out.
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